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Porto Panorama

Inspired by processing (finally) a panorama I took ages ago in Lyon. I decided to try doing some more, this time in Porto. One in particular jumps out and I’m overdue to post another photo – so here it is.

Killarney Sunset

This is one of those photos that I knew was kinda special before it left the camera. This was a nicely timed walk to Ross Castle in Killarney, some magic happened and this popped out. I’ve been meaning to post more photos, but I guess they’ll just keep coming at their own pace.

Forget Me Not

Nice little shot of forget-me-not’s from years ago.

Where Bangkok gets ‘quiet’

Another one from Thailand. Walking back to the train station in the evening I saw a -slightly- quieter side of Bangkok.

Winter is Coming

New Zealand can be a bit of a show off sometimes. This is looking at the mountains towards the north end of Lake Hawea from the highway leading to Haast pass. I happened to be there in 2015 just as the first proper dump of winter snow was hitting the South Island. Quite happily IContinue reading “Winter is Coming”


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